Services Offered

At Specialists on Hand, we provide a comprehensive hand and upper limb therapy service, including all aspects of conservative and post-surgical management.
We offer the following services:

Comprehensive Evaluation of the injury/condition 

Diagnosis of the injury or condition using a number of evaluation tools such as range of motion, strength, presence of inflammation or swelling.

Education regarding the diagnosis and treatment

Our therapists have a sound knowledge of many types of injuries/conditions and how best to treat them. You will be informed on the type, length and duration of treatment to best suit you and your condition or injury.

Splinting including thermoplastic, neoprene, lycra (dynamic and static)

We provide a wide variety of custom and pre-fabricated splints (orthoses) depending on your specific needs. Thermoplastic splints are light weight and can be worn in the shower or swimming pool, providing you don’t have any open wounds.

Casting (including water proof)

After a fracture you will usually be placed in a plaster cast. We can provide a waterproof cast that you can wear in the shower or when swimming.

Chronic pain management

Pain that persists for longer than 3 months is considered to be chronic and difficult to manage. We can perform an assessment to find the root cause then implement home programs and active treatment to reduce your pain.

Oedema management

Oedema or swelling can often hinder the healing process. There are a variety of treatment techniques to reduce both acute and chronic oedema and associated symptoms, including manual oedema mobilization and comrpression garments.

Wound care and scar management

Our therapists can provide suture removal, attend to your dressings and assist your healing wound. We also use a number of techniques and products to minimise the appearance of your scar.

Range of motion and strengthening exercises

Prescription of individualised exercises performed in the clinic and provision of home exercise programs to achieve greater movement, strength and endurance for daily living tasks.

Soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy 

Tight muscles can often reduce range of motion and even cause pain when knots (trigger points) form. We perform massage techniques and manual trigger point releases to reduce pain and improve muscle performance.

Sensory Re-education

Frequently with nerve compression or injury sensation in the area is altered and may become either numb (hyposensitive) or overly sensitive (hypersensitive. Some may experience the added sensation of pins and needles. We will conduct an evaluation and provide a specific program of stimulation to address these problems.

Inter-X neuro-stimulation treatment

Specialists on Hand was the first Occupational Therapy Practice in WA to begin using this device over 5 years ago. The Inter-X is a neuro-stimulation device used to reduce pain and oedema. It is also used in the clinic to enhance range of motion of affected joints and soft tissues.

Comprehensive home programs 

Individualised home programs are provided to achieve therapy goals. This may involve range of motion, strengthening, stretching, coordination etc. Programs are regularly modified to achieve goals and safely return to function as soon as possible.

Hand writing Evaluation and Treatment

Specialists on Hand provide a comprehensive hand-writing evaluation and treatment program for ages 5 and over. It assists performance in primary, secondary school and university students. Even adults in the workforce, who may be experiencing difficulty with hand-writing and fine motor tasks can benefit from our service.

Recommendations/provision of adaptive equipment

Sometimes an injury or disease process may prevent people from being able to perform certain activities. If we are unable to modify the way in which the activity can be performed, adaptive equipment may be recommend so the task can be completed independently.

Activity Modification

In order to progress through the rehabilitation process and preserve joints or soft tissues, it may be necessary to modify the activity and the way in which it is performed. During certain stages of healing a person will need to modify the amount and types of activities they perform each day.

Education to community groups

We can provide education sessions on different diagnoses, prevention strategies and treatments available, as well as training and consultation if needed.

Consultation and training in Splinting 

Our therapists are able to provide training to students and therapists in splinting fabrication and prescription. This may be to therapists in regional areas or nursing homes who have limited experience in this area.

Common Diagnoses Seen

• Fractures,Tendon & nerve repairs

• Tendonitis e.g. tennis elbow, de Quervain’s tenosynovitis

• Carpal tunnel & other peripheral nerve injuries

• Sporting injuries e.g. dislocation/sprain/strain

• Crush injuries & stiff hands

• Joint replacements

• Arthritis

• Dupuytren’s disease

• Neurological conditions

• Sensory dysfunction

• Chronic pain

• Hypertrophic or keloid scars

• Hand writing difficulties